Thick, Juicy Chicken Chop Craftsmen
The newest rising star of Taiwan chicken
chop king in 2015
Thick Cut! Crispy! Juicy!
The Taiwan chicken chop legend with
daily sales of over one thousand pieces

In 2015, within a short period of 1 year, it has swept through Taiwan rapidly!
In the highly competitive Taiwanese fried chicken breast market, it has led the market! Within a period of 1 year, there are over 1200 stores. Also, the Feng-Chia Night Market Store has achieved a glorious record of NT$ 3 million in monthly sales, making it a Taiwan chicken chop legend!

“DemonDeli Thick Chicken Chop” – taking over the taste bud of each gourmet like a demon!
Why it outshines its competitors in the fiercely Taiwanese chicken chop market are the three major selling points of “fresh”, “thick cut”, and “juicy”!

The DemonDeli Thick Chicken Chop is different from traditional Taiwanese fried chicken chop. First, the quality of the chicken meat is emphasized the most, and this is the key to the juiciness of the DemonDeli Thick Chicken Chop!

Second is the thick cut. The thickness of each chicken breast meat must be 3 cm or more. This is different from traditional fried chicken breast whose size is achieved by beating and flattening it to make it large. When you bite on it, it is tender, juicy, and rich in taste. There are many customers waiting in line before the stores are open every day!

Now, DemonDeli Thick Chicken Chop is officially open to opportunities in international franchising and distribution. We hope that customers from all over the world can enjoy such great flavor!

Introduction of Headquarter
TGB International Dining Group

TGB International Dining Group is the leader in Taiwan’s micro-entrepreneurship in the restaurant market. It is also the leader in Taiwan’s night market cuisine trend! When one thinks of night market cuisines in Taiwan, TGB is the first brand that comes to mind!

The Company has established its global research and development center in Taichung, Taiwan’s cuisine capital. It searches for information about gourmet food throughout Taiwanese night markets and then modify to improve upon them. It then uses its rich operational brand experience to greatly enhance the brand value! The Company’s Asia Pacific operational headquarters is set up in Hong Kong. Also, it has set up business offices in Taipei and Tainan and has cultivated the Taiwanese market deeply. In addition, it has set up branch offices in mainland China (Xiamen in 2015) and Malaysia for international expansion and operation and to find authorized agents of the company brand in different countries. The objective is to promote Taiwanese night market gourmet snacks globally!

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DemonDeli Thick Chicken Chop
Introduction to International Distribution Model

Advantages of Distribution:

The Taiwanese R&D team will introduce popular gourmet dishes on a regular basis. The headquarter will add hot Taiwanese products based on local sales.

Regional Distribution Terms:

1. License fee: US$ 170,000 to US$ 500,000
2. The distributor can recruit franchisees locally, and the franchisee fees is determined by the distributor. All profit goes to the distributor.
3. The headquarter has the right to set up headquarter wholly owned stores locally to help the distributor in developing local market brand awareness. However, all franchisee related operations are conducted by the distributor.
4. Regional Restrictions: For cities with population of less than 4 million people, can choose distribution in 2 or more cities
5. The distribution period is for a five-year term.

Trademarks and patents around the world

Pick 4 Demon foods at random US $40,000 of Franchise fee
(US $70,000 of Franchise fee for America, European and Australia areas)

Contract signing and how to pay the franchise fee: 

(Take the US$ 40,000 of flagship Store as an example)

1.Paying US$ 12,000 (30% of franchise fee) in the time of contract signing.

(1).You can sign the contract in Taiwan as well as try on our foods and pick our products with the sign-on bonus of US$ 12,000

(2).or you can wire US$ 2,000 to our company and we will have our representative to go to your country to sign the contract with you and collect the rest of US$10,000 of sign-on bonus.


2.he training fee is US$ 24,000 (60% of franchise fee)

As you finish your store modeling, we will go to your store and do the training program, and the training fee shall be paid before ahead.

3.Pay the final fee US$4,000 after the open ceremony (10% of franchise fee)

Pay the final fee US$ 4,000 in the time between training program and open ceremony.

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Trademarks and patents around the world

Trademarks and patents around the world

2015-09-28 20:56
Trademarks and patents around the world DemonDeli Thick Chicken Chop Introduction to International Distribution Model The distribution model uses the “Nanny Agent” approach. The headquarter establishes a processing plant at the city where the distributor is located and train the management...